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WeTeach is a great way to gather, learn, socialize and share knowledge about the teaching profession.  Meet other students like you who are in the CSUTeach program and will be taking the same classes as you. After all, the teaching profession is collaborative by nature and WeTeach is a great way to work with other pre-service teachers as you get ready to enter the teaching profession.

Learn about professional development in building your resumes, how to prepare for interviews, working with technology in the classroom, etc.

WeTeach has meetings where we plan events, get help on lesson plans, or just hang out!  We also work to give back to our mentor teachers, students, and our schools!

It is a great way to start networking since WeTeach is one of many other organizations in the Uteach program across the country! It is also a great way to exchange resources with fellow classmates. Since everyone will be taking the same courses, how easy is it to find a used book or ask someone for help about a class you are in that they have already taken! Students interested in Education for grades 7th – 12th Math and Science are encouraged to join and participate in group events. WeTeach is open to all CSU students. Give us a call or shoot us an email.


The goal of WeTeach is to provide support for students like YOU who are following the CSUTeach pathway to their degree and certification.

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Shoot us an email : WeTeachAtCSU@gmail.com
Or give us a call : 216.687.5426

We'd love to hear any comments or answer any questions you may have about CSUTeach or WeTeach@CSU!

We Teach = FUN!

It's simple math! We Teach @ CSU is an academic organization whose purpose is to bring together CSUTeach students through activities and outreach programs.